Qualified Remote Key Service – Setup and signing


Create an account at portal.e-szigno.hu, then log in and download the service activation letter from your documents.

Download and install the Microsec e-Signo Certificate Manager application on a Windows PC. (MacOS is not supported at the moment)

Activating the PassByME service

Install the PassByME application from your phone’s application manager, then start the application. Read the first QR code with the application on your activation letter and follow the phone's on-screen instructions.

After successfully activating the PassByME service, read the second QR code on the letter and follow the on -screen instructions.

Activating the Remote Key Service

To activate the Remote Key Service visit https://mtksz.e-szigno.hu/ and choose the Service Activation option, then enter your credentials used for accessing our timestamp service.


Enter your activation code, click Next, then set up your keypassword, that will protect your certificate, then click Next again.

Be sure to preserve your keypassword in a secure place because in case of losing it, it cannot be restored.

You’ll receive a notification on your phone. Open it, and accept the request to complete the activation process. You should see a message about the successful activation on the website shortly.

In case you get an error message after accepting the request please restart your phone, and try again. 

Setting up the Qualified Remote Key Service on your Windows PC

Open the Microsec e-Signo Certificate Manager from the desktop, or the Start menu,


select the Remote key tab, then click on Add,

select the Qualified option from the drop-down menu, then enter your timestamp credentials and click OK.

Registering your Remote Key Service certificates

To be able to use your certificate for creating digital signatures in applications, you have to add it to the Windows Certificate Store.

To do so, select your previously added service in the Microsec e-Signo Certificate Manager, and click on Registration.


Using the Remote Key Service for digital signing

Open, or compose a file you want to sign in e-Signo 3.3 then click on the Create signature button.

Select your certificate, then enter the keypassword you set during the activation.

By clicking the checkbox, you can let the application store your keypassword, thus you won't be asked for it the next time you use the certificate on this computer. In case you do want to be asked for the keypassword again, you can go to the Remote key tab of Microsec e-Signo Certificate Manager and click the Forget keypassword button.

Next, you'll receive a notification on your phone. Open it, enter your PIN, or touch the fingerprint sensor to unlock the PassByME app, then open the request and click the green check mark to approve it.

Before approving, be sure to check if the ID's on both the computer, and the phone match.

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