Activating a new digital signature card or token

New digital signature cards and tokens during delivery don't contain any certificates for security reasons. The card needs to be activated and have the certificates installed on it in the first steps. 

Activation, PIN operations (unlocking and changing) and later certificate renewals can only be done on a Windows PC!


All drivers and programs necessary for the usage of the signing device has to be installed prior to the procedure, to successfully activate the device. These programs can be acquired through, by using the Installation wizard in the Downloads menu.

The activation process can be viewed in the following video. Be sure to turn the subtitles on!


Acquiring the PUK code

Please note, that the PUK code can only be accessed once the successful delivery of the signing device has been verified.

Register an account at with the email address you've provided earlier, log into your account and download the PUK letter from the Documents menu. The site will ask for you account's password again. Open the downloaded PDF file and look for the PUK code at the bottom.


ATTENTION: Store the PUK letter in a safe place, for this code is needed to restore your PIN codes once you've forgoten them, or accidentally locked your signing device.

Connect your signing device to the computer, accept the popup asking to activate our PIN and provide your PUK code on the next panel and set your PIN codes.


A kártya transzport állapotban van, kérem aktiválja a PIN-t!

Proceed by clicking OK.

Provide the PUK code and set a PIN code.

A PIN code can consist of 6, 7, or 8 digits.

Installing the certificates

Once the PIN codes are set, the certificates will be installed automatically. Click OK on the next panel to proceed.

In case the installation didn't happen automatically open the Microsec Certificate Manager, select the Card tab, right click the card's serial number and select the Renew certificates option. 

Provide your PIN code on the next panel. 

The program will automatically load your certificates. Start the installation by clicking OK, wait for the process to finish, then click OK again.

Close the window, to hide the application in the background. The application needs to run in the background for the signing device to be able to work. 

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